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Saipher presents TATIC Billing at AeroBrasil 2022

Under the initiative and technical-scientific coordination of the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA), the AeroBrasil 2022 – II Seminar on Brazilian Airports, Innovation, and Technologies was held at Fecomércio SP in São Paulo. On occasion, Saipher ATC, one of the event's sponsors, presented TATIC Billing, a solution developed for the collection of Air Navigation tariffs such as En-route and Airway Control - TAN, Approach Control - TAT APP, Terminal Area Assistance - TAT ADR, in addition to airport fees related to Aircraft Landing, and Staying, Boarding and also charges defined by the airport operator.

TATIC Billing makes it possible to obtain a forecast of the tariff amounts to be paid at take-off time, with real-time calculation and immediate transfer of the amounts to the effective service provider.

AeroBrasil 2022 was attended by national and international authorities, experts, entrepreneurs, investors, and managers. The event presented the opportunities and challenges of the market and airport sector, from regulation, legislation, technology, and innovation to trends and economics.

About the event

At the event opening, Professor Cláudio Jorge Pinto Alves, Head of the Infrastructure Engineering Division, welcomed those present and gave the floor to Professor Anderson Ribeiro Correia, Rector of ITA. He gave the opening lecture under the theme ITA - a 72-year challenge. Next, Economist Hélcio Takeda brought data to present A Global Vision of Brazil in the Macroeconomic Environment.

The National Secretary of Civil Aviation, Ronei Saggioro Glanzmann, spoke about the Development of the Airport Sector and A Vision of the Future. During his presentation, among various data, he gave an overview of public and private investments (Partnership Sector Plan) in the country. Regarding the future, he brought up the perspectives of the sector. He said that the installation of the first vertiport in Brazil is already in the plans, at São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos.

Saipher ATC's Director of Innovation and New Business, Air Brigadier R1 José Vagner Vital, was present representing the company. He stated that he considers the investment focus on Regional Aviation presented by the National Secretary of Civil Aviation to be very important. "It is essential to reduce the lack of systems in small airports to increase security and encourage the increase of passengers served," added Brig Vital.

The evolution of Airport Concessions in Brazil was the subject of the presentation by the Director of ANAC, Air Major Brigadier Luiz Ricardo de Souza Nascimento. He showed essential data related to concessions and how much Brazil has advanced in this matter. The Director stressed that everyone's work is essential for this and celebrated that the country has the first air shuttle (Congonhas SP- Santos Dumont - RJ) in the world with biometric boarding.

To conclude the first moment of presentations of AeroBrasil 2022, Air Brigadier R/1 Luiz Cláudio Ribeiro da Silva spoke to those present as a representative of the Airspace Control Department (DECEA). Under the theme Sharing the Brazilian Airspace, he presented the DECEA structure and its various bodies and, among other information, spoke about the essential programs of the DECEA, the systems in operation at regional airports, such as the TATIC R-AFIS, in addition to projects such as ATS Virtualization/Remote Operation.

Workshop, innovation, and technology

In addition to the presentations in the event's first stage, 10 Workshops were held with various themes. The subjects were developed in two attached auditoriums by professionals from the companies TIM, Mercosul Solar & CRD Clean Energy, Arsitec, Evereste, MN2 Brasil, Parque Tecnológico, Infraero, Fremix, and Infoway.

In a second moment, AeroBrasil 2022 brought three other important presentations. Davi Bertoncello (Tubinambá/Raízen/Shell) spoke about Electrification at the Airports of the Future, Flávia Ciaccia (EVE/Embraer) about the E-VTOL Mobility Revolution (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft), and Carlos Naufel (Azul) showed the operational parameters considered by Azul Linhas Aéreas that led them to choose Lilium, as a supplier of their E-VTOL, to meet their Regional Mobility projects.


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