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  • Tatiane Nunes

Saipher at the international ATFM course

The Air Navigation Management Center (CGNA), in partnership with the Lima regional office of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), provided a unique experience in the Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) course. Saipher was present, represented by Product Manager Elias Fernandes and by Analyst Juan Luis.


The Head of the CGNA Pre-Tactical Analysis Section, First Lieutenant André Rocha, who is a Specialist in Air Traffic Control and was one of the instructors at the event, assessed that the participation of the national industry in this action was of utmost importance. 'The States of the SAM Region (South America), plus the State of the Dominican Republic, CAR Region, had the opportunity to meet the developers of the tools that support and automate the Air Traffic Control service and the ATFM Service in Brazil,' he emphasized."


On that occasion, Saipher presented the tools that contribute to ATFM. Highlighted were the products TATIC TWR (operation and management system for control towers based on the use of electronic strips), TATIC FLOW (system dedicated to assisting air traffic flow management bodies in monitoring the evolution of traffic at aerodromes in improving coordination between bodies and, consequently, streamlining ongoing tactical operations), TATIC AFIS and TATIC R-AFIS (specific systems for AFIS stations based on the use of electronic strips), TATIC APP (the system used in controls approach) and TATIC A-CDM (a system that, together with the ACISP - Airport CDM Information Sharing Platform - and PDS - Pre Departure Sequence - modules, enables the sharing of information and interaction with its partners, such as the Operation of Network, the Control Tower, Aircraft Operators, Companies that provide auxiliary services for air transport and Airport Operational Control Centers).


According to Elias, it was a unique learning and networking opportunity. "It was enriching to interact with professionals from different countries and understand the peculiarities of Air Traffic Flow Management in other nations," stated the Manager.


The course content was specially developed for international participants, bringing together professionals from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. During three intense weeks, activities related to the strategic, pre-tactical and tactical phases of the ATFM cycle were carried out, in addition to post-operations analyses.

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