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Saipher ATC has developed the TATIC Billing System for the collection of fares at airports in partnership with the company Space Soluções em Aviação Civil. It makes it possible to obtain a forecast of the tariff amounts to be paid at the time of takeoff, with real-time calculation and immediate transfer of the amounts to the effective service provider. The product is part of the TATIC® (Total Air Traffic Information Control) Suite, a range of solutions with modules that are integrated for use in various air traffic planning, management, and control sectors.


Target audience


  • Airport Operators;

  • National and Foreign Airlines;

  • National and Foreign Aircraft Operators;

  • State Aviation Departments;

  • State and Municipal Transport Departments;

  • State and Municipal Authorities;

  • Air navigation service stations - EPTA;


Air Navigation Fares


  • En-route and Airway Control - TAN;

  • Approach Control – TAT APP;

  • Assistance to the Terminal Area - TAT ADR;


Airport Fares

  • Landing;

  • Stay (Apron and Stay);

  • Boarding;

Additional Services

  • Defined by the airport operator

Antecipação de faturamento - ingles_edited.png
  • It allows verification of consistency and quality of the information;

  • It increases the autonomy of the airport operator in the management of information for carrying out the collection of airport fares and;

  • It increases transparency in the process, facilitating inspection by the airport administration, or the airport network.



  • Low, considering the benefits of a more efficient amount receivable management.

Technology and Innovation 

  • 100% national software;

  • Developed by a Strategic Defense Company;

  • Information integrity;

  • Real-time calculation;

  • Immediate transfer of amounts to the effective service provider and

  • Cloud Data Storage.

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