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  • Tatiane Nunes

The SpaceBr Show 2024 is coming

Saipher will be present at the SpaceBR Show 2024, which will take place from May 21st to 23rd at Expo Center Norte - Pavilhão Amarelo in São Paulo (SP). The organization estimates that the event will receive more than 7 thousand participants, around 120 exhibitors, visitors from 35 countries and 30 speakers. MundoGEO Connect, Drone Show Robotics and ExpoeVTOL will be held simultaneously.

On the occasion, Saipher will present (at stand 112) the products of the Holistic Risk and Uncertainty Reduction System (HORUS - Holistic Risk & Uncertainty Reduction System). They are part of the Horus Suite developed to allow operators of civil and military space systems to have Situational Awareness tools in the Space Environment and the Space Combat Domain, contributing to increasingly better Space Traffic Management (STM). More favorable for more sustainable space missions. Tracking offers a predictive analysis of conjunctions between space objects, the Cosmos, tracking center management and operation. Reentry performs analysis and management of reentry of space objects, while Spot enables integrated and flexible management of space procedures and operations in space operations centers.

The Director of Business and Innovation, Brigadier José Vagner Vital, talks about Saipher's participation in the event: "We are excited to participate in the 4th edition of the SpaceBR Show, an opportune moment to present our products and discuss space exploration. After all, it's not about where we can get to but how to do it in the best way possible. Our presence reflects our commitment to innovation and building a sustainable space in the future. Together, we can propel humanity to new frontiers with vision, determination and resilience."

The purpose of the SpaceBR Show is to showcase the potential for new business brought about by space exploration for the Latin American community. Private companies, governments, universities, research institutes, startups, investors and users of solutions that come from space will be connected.



4th SpaceBR Show Forum


During the event, a debate forum will also be held on the following topics: the challenges and opportunities for building rockets and satellites with public and private resources; the current stage of the Brazilian Space Program; human resources training; international space law; benefits to society from space exploration; and a global panorama of the space economy. The activity will have simultaneous translation into Portuguese, English and Spanish.


Topics under discussion in the Forum:


·      Artemis Project - Brazil on the Moon

·      Innovation environments in the space sector

·      The current stage of the Brazilian space program

·      Opportunities for companies at the Alcântara Launch Center

·      Challenges and opportunities for companies in satellite development

·      Challenges and opportunities for companies in the development of rockets and launch vehicles

·      Sources of public resources for the space sector

·      Venture Capital investment in the space sector

·      Benefits for society from investments in the space sector

·      Entrepreneurship in the space area

·      Training of human resources in the space area

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