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Supporting a system is an essential part of implementing any project that involves the use of high technology. At Saipher ATC, we work with the complete solution, which means we offer the Turn-Key service. This includes everything from equipment acquisition, installation, training, testing, commissioning to warranty, and full technical support.

The team has technical support analysts, systems, DBAs, and air traffic controllers. The service desk follows the ITIL model and operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of where the call originates.

The service period, communication channels provided for opening the call, and the profile of who can open it, are listed in the maintenance or warranty contract.

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Business Hours (Brazil Time): Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm


Support : | +55 (12) 3933-4080 - Extension 4



0800 numbers (toll-free) are made available directly to customers according to the type of their contract.



All support tickets are allowed to be followed up by accessing the Help Desk Ticketing Portal. Just click on the button below:





The support activities offered by Saipher ATC include preventive, predictive, corrective, adaptive, and content maintenance. In addition to telephone, e-mail, call portal assistance, emergency assistance, in-person maintenance, and remote access (when available) are also provided.


The above information refers to Saipher ATC's serviceability. For covered services, see your maintenance or warranty contract.

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