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The last phase of TATIC A-CDM passes the acceptance test

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The TATIC A-CDM (Airport Collaborative Decision Making) Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) conducted recently by Saipher ATC was considered a success. During the activity held at the company's headquarters, complete system tests were carried out to validate functionality and performance in operation, following all pre-established parameters and specifications. Colonel Intendant Régio Marcos Abreu attended the inspection, Major Aviator Marcio Rodrigues Ribeiro Gladulich, 1st Lieutenant Osvaldo, a Saipher team, and other representatives of the Airspace Control System Implementation Commission (CISCEA) and the Center for Air Navigation Management (CGNA).

On this occasion, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the TATIC A-CDM in operation since 2020 at São Paulo International Airport, in Guarulhos, were presented. The data provide a broad view for analyzing the efficiency of the airport and its partners. Saipher ATC's Operations Director, Fred Boratto, when talking about the success achieved in FAT, highlighted the importance of the performance indicators. "Through the A-CDM KPIs, Brazil is at the forefront of world-class airports, which have real-time information to aid decision-making and increase operational efficiency and safety," he says. To reinforce, the Director quoted the famous phrase of Robert Kaplan and David Norton, creators of the BSC, an essential strategic management tool: "What cannot be measured cannot be managed'," added Fred.

More about TATIC A-CDM

The TATIC A-CDM concept is based on the Airport CDM Implementation Manual, prepared by the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation (Eurocontrol). Together with the ACISP (Airport CDM Information Sharing Platform) and PDS (Pre Departure Sequence) modules, the system allows the interaction among the Network Operation (Network Operations – NO), the Control Tower (Air Traffic Control – ATC), the Aircraft Operator – AO, the companies that provide auxiliary services for air transport (Ground Handling – GH), and the Operational Control Centers Airport Operations (AOC). For this, these partners use the platform through which they can share information and thus improve operational efficiency, predictability, and punctuality of operations at the airport.


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