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  • Tatiane Nunes

Success in TATIC Flow 3.0 FAT and SAT

Saipher has completed testing of TATIC Flow 3.0. The Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) were carried out with the primary system in operation at the Air Navigation Management Center (CGNA) in Rio de Janeiro and with the contingency system in operation at the Airspace Control Institute (ICEA), in São José dos Campos. Rodrigo Camargo, Project Manager, discusses the activity's success and highlights the main advances. "We implemented significant improvements, such as a new dashboard interface for the end user, integration with the Performance Indicator Management System (SGID), meeting the specific demands of CGNA, and a complete modernization of all hardware, from servers to switches and storage. This provides, among other benefits, more storage and processing capacity", explains Rodrigo. He adds that introducing new features allows TATIC Flow 3.0 to present a notable reduction in information collection time, resulting in more outstanding performance and a new look that seeks to offer practicality and efficiency.

Following the FAT, the system underwent the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) at the CGNA and the ICEA system, which were also completed successfully. All evolutions are part of Phase 1 and are already operational in the central and contingency environments. Saipher has already planned three additional stages, with actions related to Phase 2 scheduled for the first half of 2024 and two others to be completed by the beginning of 2025.

Rodrigo expresses his gratitude to everyone involved, highlighting the essential collaboration of the developers, test team and other collaborators, as well as the fundamental participation of members of the air control bodies. He believes the success results from Saipher ATC's commitment to excellence and innovation in the air traffic sector and the crucial partnership with CGNA and ICEA. The Manager enthusiastically anticipates that the subsequent phases of the project promise to bring more significant advances soon.


TATIC FLOW is a solution developed by Saipher, part of the TATIC® Suite. It is crucial in supporting air traffic flow management bodies, monitoring traffic evolution at aerodromes, improving coordination between bodies and streamlining ongoing operations. Integrating with the TATIC TWR and TATIC APRON systems, TATIC FLOW seeks to gather information in real-time, following the concept of collaborative decision-making (CDM). Developed as a web platform, it uses "web parts" technology, allowing the selection of graphics and other controls for custom layouts.

Among solutions and benefits, TATIC Flow allows real-time remote monitoring of traffic in control towers and AFIS stations, operation at a tactical level and storage of a database with information for the strategic level, graphical interface based on a dashboard (indicator panel ) and maintained by current web browsers, presenting information analytically or synthetically to the user, in addition to issuing different types of reports, based on the information collected.


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