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Saipher presents solutionsat the Latin American Satellite Congress

The Latin American Satellite Congress, the sector's leading event in Brazil, brought together representatives from communications satellite operators in Rio de Janeiro on September 26th, 27th and 28th. The event covered crucial topics, such as new-generation satellites, market strategies, public policies and regulations, and new technologies such as 5G and IoT.

A trend highlighted at the event was the shift by large satellite operators from geostationary orbits to medium and low orbits, adopting multi-orbit systems. Saipher was represented by the Director of Innovation and New Business, José Vagner Vital, and the Coordinator of the Aerospace Committee of the National Union of Defense Materials Industries (SIMDE). Given the scenario, the need for sustainability systems became evident for him to increase safety and avoid problems related to space debris. Vital presented solutions to increase space safety and deal with debris (fragments and debris in space) and emphasized the importance of these approaches. "Saipher stands out by offering alternatives to these challenges. Before Congress, many operators did not know that there were companies in Brazil specialized in tracking space debris and calculating conjunctions to minimize the risks of collisions in space", he highlighted.

The event was attended by company presidents, ANATEL advisors, as well as important figures, such as the former President of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), Carlos Moura, the former Minister of Communications, Juarez Quadros, and deputy Perpétua Almeida, who recognized the importance of investment in the space industry. Vital further assessed that “during the Congress, the need for a national policy for the space sector became clear, which involves not only satellites, but the entire space economy. This would create a more favorable environment for the growth of companies, satellite manufacturers and essential service providers like Saipher.”

The Air Force also played a crucial role, sending representatives from the Space Operations Center. These experts in orbital dynamics are fundamental in evaluating conjunctions and reducing risks in defense space operations. This participation was highly valued during the event.

More about the event

In addition to the topics already mentioned, during the Latin American Satellite Congress, there were also debates and panels on the following subjects: On-board communication (IFC) and autonomous vehicles, Backhaul and non-terrestrial networks, Service to remote and maritime areas, Government solutions and defense, Opportunities in observation satellites, Content and television, Networking opportunities with the leading national and international players in the market


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