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  • Tatiane Nunes

Saipher managers participate in 21SIGP

Saipher Project Managers Lucas Rodrigues, Rodolfo Arantes and Rodrigo Camargo participated in the 21st edition of the International Project Management Seminar (21SIGP), whose central theme was "Leading Sustainable Projects in an Era of Technological Disruption." Lucas assesses that participation in debates and lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Innovation in Data Science, among

other topics, reflects Saipher ATC's commitment to excellence and adaptation to market demands. "By expanding knowledge and, at the same time, staying connected to trends, we are not only ensuring success in our projects but also contributing to an even more innovative and sustainable future," he said.

Saipher ATC's participation in this crucial event highlights its commitment to continuous improvement and the search for relevant knowledge that positively impacts projects and management.

The Seminar

The seminar encouraged discussions about developing the project manager's career in the face of current challenges and innovations. The topics covered during the event covered fundamental areas such as Governance, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), Sustainability, Technological Disruption and Innovation.

Among the various panels offered by SIGP, renowned experts and professionals shared their experiences through Keynote Speeches and Lectures. Topics covered included Agility: Ask what you want; ESG; Artificial Intelligence Project Management and the role of AI in Project Management; Innovation in Data Science; Women in IT and the PMO in healthcare.


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