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  • Tatiane Nunes

R-AFIS and Billing: highlights inexpansion of Rede Voa's CCO

Saipher was present at the Comandante Rolim Adolfo Amaro State Airport (SBJD) in Jundiaí-SP to celebrate the Operational Control Center (CCO) expansion, the Charging Center and its R-AFIS Center. The action aims to centralize emergency calls, security, meteorological information, pricing and traffic for the 16 regional airports managed by Rede Voa. Representing Saipher, the Director of Innovation and New Business, Veteran Brigadier José Vagner Vital, and the company's Project Manager, Rodolfo Arantes, highlighted the importance of this pioneering initiative to increase the safety of airline operations and transparency in centralized pricing systems with excellent efficiency and reducing costs.

Director Vital emphasized that Saipher is committed to seeking opportunities for improvement and innovation in its projects. "This centralized management and operation in Jundiaí are notable examples of how technology can improve safety and efficiency in airport operations while reducing costs and increasing the profitability of the network's airports. We are happy to be part of this project, and we will continue working to raise the standards of regional aviation in our country", he declared. Manager Rodolfo considered it an honor to represent the company in the celebration of the expansion of the CCO. For him, the initiative is an important milestone for the safety and efficiency of airports managed by Rede Voa. We are proud to be able to contribute with our expertise in technology, especially concerning the R-AFIS Central and Fare Central's integrated airport fare and air navigation management system. "Investment in cutting-edge equipment from Rede Voa will certainly be essential for a safer and more efficient environment for everyone involved in its operations," he stated.

More security and agility, less costs and other improvements

The new CCO's investment included incorporating cutting-edge technology such as state-of-the-art servers, high-definition LED screens, monitoring cameras and information on weather conditions. The Operational Control Center allows you to centralize emergency response real-time monitoring of incidents facilitates communication with public security and emergency agencies, in addition to providing a continuous training plan that includes the use of security forces for training at airports and centralization of pricing and monitoring of airlines.

Jundiaí airport and Rede Voa

SBJD is the country's main executive airport, is a leader in aircraft movement throughout the VOA Network and has aircraft maintenance hangars, third-party hangars and aeromedical assistance, in addition to housing the current headquarters of the VOA Network. The company is present at the airports of Ribeirão Preto, Franca, São Carlos, Araraquara, Bauru-Arealva, Marília, São Manoel, Avaré-Andu, Sorocaba, Campinas, Registro, Itanhaém, Jundiaí, Bragança Paulista, Ubatuba and Guaratinguetá.


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