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PAME and Saipher to extend Partnership

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

PAME-RJ has just signed a new contract with Saipher ATC. The commitment involves maintaining the following systems from TATIC SUITE: TATIC TWR, TATIC R-AFIS, TATIC LITE, TATIC FLOW, TATIC SIM, and TATIC A-CDM, in addition to BIMTRA and SETA Millennium.

The partnership also includes operations within the Core of the Technical Management Center (NuCGTEC), a sector that develops activities to increase the availability and improve the management of the technical and operational status of systems, equipment, and networks that comprise the Brazilian Airspace Control System (SISCEAB).

In an eight-by-seven work format, Saipher technicians have been available in-person to perform technical assistance and monitoring services at the contracted locations. Initially, services are planned for 42 locations, with another 14 over two and a half years. The agreement provides preventive, predictive, corrective, and adaptive maintenance and support in acquiring and installing spare parts.

PAME-RJ is responsible for supplies, repairs, and maintenance of electromechanical, radiodetermination, telecommunications, and navigation aids. With engineers and specialized technical personnel, the organization meets SISCEAB's logistical and maintenance support demands and provides excellent support to the Air Force Command.


Comprised of products developed under careful customization, integration, security, and functionality parameters, TATIC® (Total Air Traffic Information Control) consists of a range of solutions with modules that are integrated for use in the most diverse sectors of planning management and control of air traffic.

The development of these systems was based on high technology and vast knowledge acquired over decades in the aeronautical sector. The result was the automation of functions, simplification, improvement of processes, and increased efficiency and safety of operations. Being able to operate in an integrated manner, the modules of the TATIC® Suite make the information originating in one system immediately available to the others, moving automatically, organically, and instantly.


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