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TATIC FLOW is a TATIC® Suite Solution system dedicated to assisting air traffic flow management agencies in monitoring the evolution of traffic at aerodromes, improving the coordination between agencies, and consequently, streamlining ongoing operations. TATIC FLOW integrates with the TATIC TWR and TATIC APRON systems in order to gather all information in real time, in a concept of collaborative decision making (CDM). Developed for a web platform, the system is based on a technology called “web parts”, which allows the selection of graphics and other controls to be used in custom layouts.

Target Audience

Operators of air traffic flow management centers.


TATIC FLOW is used in Brazil by the CGNA - Air Navigation Management Center.



  • Real-time remote monitoring of air traffic in control towers and AFIS stations.

  • Operation at tactical level and database storage with information for the strategic level.

  • A graphical interface based on a dashboard (dashboard indicators) presents information analytically or synthetically to the user.

  • Graphical interface supported by current web browsers.

  • Issuance of various types of reports based on the information collected.

The above benefits will be available when the TATIC FLOW system is associated with a TATIC® system that supports the feature.

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