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Saipher Learning Center: high level of knowledge without limit of borders!

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

He was born out of a need and quickly became a great opportunity. Saipher Learning Center, e-learning from Saipher ATC, was conceived a little over six months ago and reached, in the third week of September, the mark of approximately 1500 students (number updated until the end of this text).

The service, which works via the Learning Management System (LMS) provider, has more than 21 courses, 15 of which are already available and under development. TATIC 2.0 - build 2 (read more below) is the most notorious example of the enormous capacity for studies that opened up with the implementation of Distance Learning at the company. From the beginning of its preparation until the first classes, only six weeks were invested. The course is divided into three modules, and the material has more than 260 elements of learning. Currently, 570 users have improved their knowledge through e-books, quizzes, exams, and video lessons. The person responsible for the e-learning at Saipher ATC, Eduardo Priante, gives more details. "In addition to all these resources, the student also participates in three lives, each lasting an hour. One about the application of TATIC CWP (focusing on changes to TATIC 2.0), one for the TATIC Portal module, aimed at the flight controller, and another for module 3, the TATIC Portal, aimed at supervisors and managers", he explains. During the transmissions, there is the possibility of interaction, via chat, among students and instructors.

Eduardo says that the students also participate in a remote practical class to add even more to the training. They go through the experience of operating the system before its implementation. It is like a test drive to increase the familiarity of those who will work with the new version of TATIC. "TATIC 2.0 build two training is complete and diverse. It gathers the lives, an important moment for the questions to be answered, the material available for the student to study alone, and complement what was learned in theory, the practical class, with a maximum of three students. It is a unique opportunity for them to use the product and be able to operate it with the instructor's full assistance", he says.

In addition to Eduardo, the Project Managers, Rodrigo Camargo (TATIC 2.0) and Jones Brandão (A-CDM course Instructor) manage the Saipher Learning Center. The first steps with the platform were taken at the end of March, and at the beginning of May, there was a significant release of students. The first training was Integration for New Employees. Still, after a few months and with more than two dozen training options, the intention is that the service will be transformed, in the future, at Saipher ATC Corporate University.

Saipher Learning Center and TATIC 2.0

Saipher ATC is promoting the update of the TATIC module to version 2.0 in 33 sites across the country. The activity should be completed in record time, estimated at around six months. With a Support team highly qualified to fulfill the task, its execution involves travel, the actual implementation, and other areas and previous training. It is precisely at this point that e-learning is making a difference. Training is taking place simultaneously at ten airports. "Without the platform, this implementation would not have been carried out in the same amount of time; after all, customer training, an intrinsic part of the process, was previously done in person," explains Eduardo.

On the 9th of July, the necessary training started so that the work could go forward, and by mid-September, more than 570 users registered in TATIC 2.0 - build 2. "The implementation of the new version of TATIC is going to the beginning of December, and as we are more or less in half the time for the update to be working at all airports, the number of students for this course alone should at least double until the end of the operation," analyzes Eduardo. He classifies the Saipher Learning Center as practical to be implemented, easy to be disseminated, used, and shared. "The numbers have been extrapolated daily for this reason. People who originally would not contact the training are taking the courses, and the result of all this is perfect for Saipher ATC but mainly for our customers", he adds.

"For customers, e-learning has been essential, especially in the implementation of TATIC 2.0 and A-CDM. For Saipher, it was a chance to turn the need into an excellent opportunity." Eduardo Priante - responsible for Saipher Learning Center

Eduardo Priante - Responsible for Saipher Learning Center
Eduardo Priante - Responsible for Saipher Learning Center

Saipher Learning Center (LMS provider)

Content: 21 courses (15 available and the others under development).

Audience: Customers and employees.

Before and after: 100% in person for 1500 distance students (until the closing of this publication,

in the third week of September).

Future: Transition from an e-learning system to Saipher ATC Corporate University and reference in the training of flight controllers.

BY: Wagner R. Marques (Marketing & Communication/Saipher).


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