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  • Tatiane Nunes

Saipher gets excellentresults in the customers' satisfaction survey

Saipher has completed its Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, reaffirming its excellence. TATIC system users actively participated, sharing their views on the product and the Quality of support, which is vital for hundreds of sites served by the company throughout Brazil. The evaluations scored from 0 to 5, and their overall average of close to 5 stood out, indicating almost complete satisfaction. In the continuous search for improvements, the research revealed good opportunities, in addition to highlights such as effectiveness in quick solutions, trust in systems, exceptional service, continuous evolution of the product and the strategic use of data for indicators.

Tower managers, air traffic controllers and site technicians actively participated. According to the conclusions obtained, Saipher's management is preparing a personalized action plan under the supervision of the person responsible for Quality at the company. The objective is, based on the results, to focus on improvements to maintain the delivery of the best product/service. With this, Saipher aims to improve further both the Quality of its products and the experience of users of the TATIC system.




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