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The TATIC R-AFIS system is part of the TATIC® Suite, whose base is the electronic strips (in English the Electronic Flight Progress Strips). Aimed at the AFIS operational attribution, in addition to the functions of the EFPS TATIC CWP, it includes an interface for exchanging information between the desktop application and a mobile application for local airport operation. Its functionality is to offer the aeronautical station operator a complete EFPS to contribute to the adequate provision of a remote AFIS service (R-AFIS).

Target Audience

Telecommunications and Air Traffic Service Provider Stations (EPTA) or Air Navigation Service Providers (PSNA) providing the remote aerodrome’s flight information service.


Fernando de Noronha.



Use of EFPS presented in a work area(s) format, grouped by strip lists that follow a sequence of checkpoints (operational status) according to arrivals or departures, highly configurable enhanced with several functions dedicated to the operation of electronic strips.


The application offers functions related to the provision of air traffic services to an aerodrome, allowing integrations with external air traffic systems and the adequate recording of movements for statistics, reports and graph generation, in addition to being able to manage the service team and launch incidents (LRO), among other administrative functions.

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