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TATIC STANDS is an automated system for the Airport Operations Center and Yard Control Center that enables the management of airport resources and parking lot using an interactive map. The management of aircraft parking lots is done directly on an interactive map on a touchscreen monitor, without the use of a mouse or keyboard, which significantly increases productivity.

Target Audience

Operators of management entities for airport parking areas.


TATIC STANDS is used in Brazil by Viracopos Airport, Campinas - SP.



  • Collaborative decision-making at the airport's control tower.

  • The exchange of information through the system reduces communication via cell phone/telephone between sectors.

  • The System allows the allocation of parking positions, as well as the registration of entries and exits of blocks quick and intuitively.

  • Simplified position operation with easy-to-run touchscreen commands.

  • Management of aircraft towing operations integrated with the SOLO position in the control tower.

  • Instant critique of parking position allocation in conflict-generating situations.

  • Data obtained can be used for varied calculations about flight delays, either through a specific tool or by exporting the data to other software/systems.

  • The information generated by the system enables the production of different types of reports.

  • Installation at various airports allows for the integration of data and makes it possible to extensively track flights for tariff or operational purposes.

The above benefits will be available when the TATIC STANDS system is associated with a TATIC® system that is compatible with the feature.

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