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Space Studies Program Workshop - SSP23

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

The Space Studies Program (SSP23), promoted by the International Space University (ISU) in São José dos Campos - SP, held on July 12th the workshop "A Practical Perspective on Space Safety and Security: a Path Forward Outer Space Protection." The event was initially proposed for the organization of SSP23 by the International Academy of Space Studies (IASS) in partnership with Saipher. The speakers, who are also part of IASS, were Brigadier José Vagner Vital (Saipher), Petrônio Noronha de Souza (INPE), Ana Cristina Galhego Rosa (DIPTERON UG), and Maria Helena Fonseca de Souza Rolim (President of IASS).

After the event, the participants visited Saipher's headquarters, a Strategic Defense Company (EED) operating in the Aerospace market for over 28 years, specializing in information systems for Airport Control Towers, Airspace Control Bodies, and airports. Saipher manufactures the HORUS System (Holistic Risk and Uncertainty Reduction System) in the space sector. The company is also the only Brazilian and the first in South America to develop products and services for Space Situation Awareness (SSA), Space Domain Awareness (SDA), and Space Traffic Management (STM).

Saipher, ISU and SSP23

According to Brigadier Vital, Saipher is happy to support the International Space University (ISU) through the Workshop. He states that ISU is a non-profit organization that has been, for about 40 years, forming leaders of the industry and several multidisciplinary organizations and, in this way, contributing to creating an adequate environment for the peaceful use of space. In this context, the Space Studies Program brings up issues such as Collision Avoidance, Space Situation Awareness, and issues directly related to sustainable operations in space. “We who work with Space Situation Awareness, Space Domain Awareness and Space Traffic Management feel privileged to have received the group of students. It was an excellent opportunity for us to show how a private company in Brazil can collaborate with the sector and, in addition, become another piece of study to be considered in the enrichment of the vision of the participants of this Workshop”, he said.

Workshop – A Practical Perspective on Space Safety and Security: A Path Forward Outer Space Protection

Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Domain Situational Awareness (SDA) aspects to enhance the Safety & Security of Space-Earth and Space-Space operations – (Brigadier José Vagner Vital)

Strategic scenarios associated with the security of space systems: an overview of the topics that should concern all space-faring nations – (Petrônio Noronha de Souza, Ph.D.)

Cybersecurity in Outer Space: The Next Frontier for Space Activities – (Ana Cristina Galhego Rosa, LLM)

The Extraterritorial Application of Space Law: Safety and Security – (Maria Helena Fonseca de Souza Rolim, Ph.D.)


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