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  • Tatiane Nunes

Saipher introduces Horus to #ssp23 attendees

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Saipher received at its headquarters the participants of the Space Studies Program (#ssp23) for a Workshop on Space Sustainability, focusing on Space Situation Awareness (SSA). During the activity, they were able to see the details of HORUS - Horus (Holistic Risk and Uncertainty Reduction System), whose purpose is to allow operators of civil and military space systems to have Situational Awareness tools in the Space Environment and in the Space Combat Domain, which is essential for safe operations in outer space and on the way to or from Earth.

The International Space University (ISU), responsible for realizing #ssp23, thanked the reception and the welcome. "We want to extend our sincere thanks for welcoming our participants to your facilities and for sharing your knowledge and experience with them," the institution said in a letter. According to the ISU, the Space Studies Program's success primarily comes from the valuable contributions of local experts, companies and institutions. "We were highly honored to be received by your team and grateful for the hospitality.

We look forward to staying connected in the future."

Before getting to know Saipher, visitors participated in the workshop "A practical perspective on #space #safety and #security: A path forward #outerspace protection." The International Academy of Space Studies (IASS) promoted the action. The themes presented were: "Aspects of #SpaceSituationalAwareness (#ssa) and Space Domain Situational Awareness (SDA) to improve the Safety & Protection of Space-Earth and Space-Space operations," under the responsibility of Brigadier José Vagner Vital, Vice-President IASS and Director of Innovation and Business at Saipher ATC; "Strategic Scenarios Associated with the Security of Space Systems: An Overview of Issues That Should Concern All Space Exploiting Nations," by Dr. Petrônio Noronha de Souza, Academic Director of the IASS; "#Cybersecurity in Outer Space: The Next Frontier for Space Activities" by Ana Cristina Galhego Rosa, Director of Entrepreneurship at IASS and "The Extraterritorial Application of #Space Law: Security and Protection" by IASS President, Professor Dr. Maria Helena Rolim.


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