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MRE promotes a seminar on the Brazilian Space Program

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Brazilian Space Agency and the Brazilian Air Force, promoted a Seminar on the Brazilian Space Program. The event occurred at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasília and brought together the main actors in the country's space sector. Topics such as the history of the sector in the country, the current internal and global panorama, and perspectives were covered. The International Academy of Space Studies (IASS) is a non-profit whose mission is to promote space in a multidisciplinary way, mainly in Portuguese-speaking countries. Itamaraty invited this entity to participate in panel debates with its President, Prof. Dr. Maria Helena Fonseca de Souza Rolim.

The Panels

The Panel "History of the Brazilian Space Program: Achievements and Learning" was moderated by Counselor Maitê de Souza Schmitz, head of the Sea, Antarctica and Space Division (DMAE/MRE). The Vice-President of the International Academy of Space Studies (IASS) and Director of Innovation and Business at Saipher, Brigadier José Vagner Vital, participated as a debater. The History of the Space Program was covered, including the creation of launch centers, the development and use of space objects (launch vehicles and satellites), and the Complete Brazilian Space Mission, a topic developed by Brigadier Engineer Luciano Valentim Rechiuti. International cooperation (USA, Germany, China, Ukraine, and South Korea) was also discussed in developing the Brazilian Space Program. The subject was presented by Prof. Paolo Gessini, Director of Intelligence and New Business at the Brazilian Space Agency. The president of IASS, Prof. Dr. Maria Helena Fonseca de Souza Rolim, was also a debater, participating in the Panel "The Future of Space Exploration in Brazil."

Saipher, which was represented at the event by the Director of Innovation & Business, Brigadier Vital, and the Consultant Air Brigadier Lieutenant, Jeferson Domingues de Freitas, is a member of the International Academy of Space Studies (IASS) in the company category.

Participating in the Seminar were Dr. Guila Calheiros, Secretary of Technological Development and Innovation at MCTI, Dr. Marco Antonio Chamon, President of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), Dr. Clézio de Nardin, President of INPE, Ambassador George Firmeza, Escola Superior de Defense, and by video Dr. Aarti Holla-Maini, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). Among the military authorities were present Brigadier Renato Alves de Moraes (EMAER), Air Brigadier Paulo Ricardo da Silva Mendes, Air Brigadier Marcos Aurelio Vilela Valença (GSIPR), Colonel Aviator Ricardo Felzcky (GSIPR), Colonel Paulo Roberto Cursino dos Santos (EMAER), Lieutenant Colonel Av Rafael de Almeida Duque (FAB/COPE), and Lieutenant Colonel Prof. Dr. Selma Lúcia de Moura Gonzales (Higher Defense School).

Event Purpose

The objective of the Seminar was to highlight the strategic importance of space technologies for national development. They play a crucial role in telecommunications, border and coastal surveillance, resource mapping, response to natural disasters, environmental and meteorological monitoring, and cybersecurity, among others. The event examined the role of international cooperation and the diversification of partnerships to strengthen the Brazilian Space Program. Also, it highlighted Brazil's active role at the multilateral level, especially concerning regulations and regimes for the use of space, to consolidate the principle that space exploration should benefit all nations.


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