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The TATIC® (Total Air Traffic Information Control) Suite consists of products developed under strict customization, integration, security, and functionality. They comprise various solutions with modules that can be integrated for use in the most diverse sectors of planning, management, and air traffic control.

The development of these systems was based on high technology and vast knowledge that was acquired over decades in the aeronautical sector. The result was the automation of functions, simplification and improvement of processes, and increased efficiency and safety in operations.


Most products replace the conventional "strips" (sheets) of paper with electronic strips, in English the "Electronic Flight Progress Strips" (EFPS). They contain operational information from a flight plan and are digitally distributed among the various operational positions, creating the automatic standardization and organization of information, as well as avoiding the need to use countless amounts of paper. The EFPS is the basis of TATIC® Suite’s operations, while the systems and their modules being used in control towers are the central point of the solution.


Being able to operate in an integrated manner, the TATIC® Suite modules make information originating from one system immediately available to others, passing it on automatically, organically, and instantly. For example, this means that information originating from a control tower is immediately available in the ATIS module, AIS, or even in an ACC or APP. A flight plan inserted in the AIS module, on the other hand, creates a strip in the control tower and so on, in all of the available combinations. This information can also be shared with other systems, in real-time or not, providing highly relevant data for the management of billing, statistics, and ATFM (Air Traffic Flow Management).

These are some of the characteristics of the systems that make up the TATIC® Suite. To learn more about our products' features, advantages, and benefits, click on the icons below and discover the level of solutions developed by Saipher ATC.


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