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TATIC BILLING enters operation in Rio de Janeiro

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

TATIC Billing, a support platform for the collection of air navigation and airport fees, is in operation in Campos dos Goytacazes, in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The system was implemented by the concessionaire INFRA Heliporto Farol de São Tomé, responsible for the operation.

For Saipher ATC Project Manager Rodolfo Arantes, the start-up of TATIC Billing is a milestone. The Farol de São Tomé Heliport is the first approved for fare collection to use our system in Brazil. According to the Manager, for the managers of INFRA Heliporto Farol de São Tomé, an application is also available that makes it possible to account for boarding and disembarking. “This allows for safer and more reliable management of the number of passengers transiting in offshore operations”, he adds.

Through the implementation of TATIC BILLING, Saipher reinforces its focus on innovation and pioneering. The company works hard to develop solutions that allow airport managers to be more secure and transparent in their activities.


TATIC BILLING makes it possible to obtain a forecast of the tariff amounts to be paid at take-off time, with real-time calculation and immediate transfer of amounts to the actual service provider. It is part of the TATIC®️ (Total Air Traffic Information Control) Suite, a range of solutions with modules that integrate for use in the most diverse sectors of planning, management and air traffic control.

Billing facilitated by TATIC BILLING

Tarifas de navegação Aérea

• Route and Airways Control - TAN

• Approach Control – TAT APP

• Assistance to the Terminal Area - TAT ADR

Air navigation tariffs

• Landing

• Permanence (Patio and Stay)

• Boarding

Main advantages

• Accelerates the receipt of amounts paid;

• Enables the receipt of tariffs in advance concerning what is currently practiced;

• Allows checking the consistency and quality of information;

• Increases autonomy in managing information for charging fees;

• Increases transparency in the process, facilitating inspection by the airport administration or the airport network.


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