The TATIC TWR is a management and operation system aimed at control towers based on electronic flight strips. The system has as main purposes: to assist the air traffic controller in the local air traffic organization; to storage relevant operational information for use at a local or global level and; and to integrate data with either own or third-party systems aiming at assisting in collaborative decision-making.
Target Audience
Air traffic controllers who are performing functions in control towers of a low, medium, or high operational capacity.

• A significant reduction of flight controller workload.
• A significant increase in productivity.
• Increase in traffic safety.
• A comprehensive database that enables the use of information in statistics, collections, surveys, investigations of occurrences, planning, and administration.
• The quality of stored data enables its use for traffic flow management.
• Allows providing relevant and real-time information.
• Improved coordination, management, and prediction of traffic between the agencies involved.
• The native intelligent system enables to generate relevant alerts during the traffic evolution, contributing to the increase of operational safety.
• Ready to provide Data Link Clearance Delivery (DCL) with no parallel system operation.

Who uses it?
The TATIC TWR has been used in Brazil by around 30 medium and large airports, such as the International Airports of Guarulhos, Galeão, Confins, Curitiba, Salvador, Manaus, Brasilia, among others.