The TATIC SUP system is a TATIC® Solution module for the supervision of operational, technical and administrative information of air traffic control or information bodies. This module includes tools for extracting data and reports generation, graphs, and surveys; creating, editing, and management of event log books; visualization of operational, technical or administrative documentation and monitoring the status of systems integrated with the TATIC TWR system.
Target Audience
Supervisors of operational bodies such as Control Tower, Approach Control, AIS Room, among others.

• Creation of graphs, queries, and reports based on operational data from electronic strips.
• Standardization of administrative, technical and operational routines.
• Create, edit and query standardized event log books.
• Management of service shifts of the operating agency.
• Generation of standardized and non-standardized reports.
• Monitoring the electronic strips of the operational positions when integrating with the TATIC TWR.
• Monitoring integration with external systems when integrated with TATIC TWR.

The above benefits will be available when the TATIC SUP system is paired with the TATIC® compliant system.

Whow uses it?
The TATIC SUP has been used in Brazil by around 30 medium and large airports, such as the International Airports of Guarulhos, Galeão, Confins, Curitiba, Salvador, Manaus, Brasilia, among others.