The TATIC SAOP is a TATIC® Solution module for simplified coordination between the control tower and the airport operations center to monitor the evolution of traffic and the allocation of parking positions, among other functions.
Target Audience
Operators of airport control center.

• A significant reduction of the operator's workload.
• A significant increase in productivity.
• Increase in traffic safety.
• The native intelligent system enables the generation of relevant alerts, contributing greatly to the increase of operational safety.
• A complete database that allows the use of information in statistics, collections, surveys, investigations of occurrences, planning, and administration.
• Improved coordination, management, and prediction of traffic between the airport operations center and the control tower.

The above benefits will be available when the TATIC APP system is paired with the TATIC® compliant system..

Who uses it?
The TATIC SAOP has been used in Brazil by around 30 medium and large airports, such as the International Airports of Galeão, Confins, Curitiba, Salvador, Fortaleza, Manaus, Brasilia, among others.