TATIC® Solution

The TATIC ® Solution - Total Air Traffic Information Control - encompasses a set of modules that integrate through specific systems for use in the most diverse sectors of air traffic planning, management, and control.

These systems were developed using technology and knowledge accumulated over ten years of Saipher ATC projects in the aeronautical segment, providing the automation of functions, simplification, and improvement of processes and increase the efficiency and safety of operations.

The systems that make up our solution, for the most part, replace conventional paper strips with Electronic Flight Progression Strips (EFPS), which contain operational information from a flight plan and are digitally distributed among the various operational positions, creating an automatic standardization and organization of information, and freeing large-volume bodies of paper.

EFPS is the basis for the operations of the TATIC® Family, and the modules present in control towers are the focal point of the solution as a whole. With the automation of functions, of course, a database is created, making information available in real-time for all other TATIC® modules.

The TATIC® modules can operate in an integrated way, making the information originated in one system is immediately available to the others, transitioning automatically, organic and instantaneous. Thus, information originating from a control tower is immediately available in the TATIC ATIS module, TATIC AIS or even in an ACC or APP; a flight plan inserted in the TATIC AIS module creates a strip on the control tower and so on in all available combinations.

This information can also be shared with other systems, real-time or not, providing extremely relevant data for billing, statistics, management (ATFM), and more.