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Under the ITIL model, our service desk works 24/7 by covering the whole national territory.

If you want to know about our terms of services, the communication channels available for callings, and the profile of who can open a ticket to the support team, please see the terms in your maintenance or warranty agreement.

We perform preventive, predictive, corrective, adaptive and content maintenance. In addition to the service by telephone, e-mail and the portal of calls, we also provide emergency attendance and maintenance, in person or by remote access (when available).

The Saipher has a highly trained support team who is ready to help with both technical and operational situations. Our team counts on experienced technical support analysts, system analysts, DBAs, and former air traffic controllers.

The information above regards Saipher's serviceability. Please, see your maintenance or warranty agreement for covered services.
Business hours
Monday - Friday
08:00 am - 05:00 pm
Phone: + 55 (12) 3933-4080 Extension 4

24/7 Customer Support
Phone +55 (12) 98100-9229

Note: The 0800 numbers are made available directly to the customers, depending on the type of contract.