Saipher ATC - Brazil

Solutions in Air Traffic Control

Saipher ATC is a Brazilian company specialized in the development and commercialization of software and solutions for the control and management of air traffic (ATC / ATM).

Our systems are in use at over 150 Brazilian airports, ranging from AFIS stations operated by only one controller to international airports of intense movement, air bases, and other specific missions.

On a worldwide scale, our electronic control tower strip systems
are the most used, controlling and managing thousands of
landings and takeoffs daily.

In line with new market needs, and within its vision of constant evolution, the company Saipher ATC developed its second generation of systems for management and control of air traffic.

TATIC® Solution

The TATIC® Solution – Total Air Traffic Information Control - brings together a set of systems that increase the quality of air traffic control and management services, providing increased performance, efficiency, and safety. Based on the CDM concept - Collaborative Decision Making, its modules operate within an environment of interaction and data availability, providing real-time critical information for traffic management and decision making. The TATIC® Solution supports high customization, which allows its adaptation to different operating environments and workflows, regardless of the complexity and simultaneity of the operations.

The proposal of the TATIC® Solution is the complete adaptation to the operational conditions of each customer. In this way, they can configure the HMI (Human-Machine Interface) through elements such as screen layouts and strips, and form and context for displaying information.

Through constant investment in research and technology, we have achieved a high level of commitment to the client. For over 15 years, the company has been strengthening its performance, developing solutions, elaborating, and running projects within international standards of quality and safety.

Implementing Saipher ATC systems is part of a comprehensive project, where we analyze the perspective of the requirements presented by the customer, the best configurations of systems and equipment as well as the most appropriate services for each of the modules that make up the TATIC® Solution.

Acting in several segments of control and management of air traffic, Saipher has developed solutions for the ATC / ATM, airport, billing, research, statistics, real-time traffic situation monitoring and Air Traffic Flow Planning and Management (ATFM).


Contribute to air traffic management and airport processes' excellence by offering innovative solutions with high added value.


Maintain the conquered market and expand operations at the national and international levels, acting with excellence, efficiency and social responsibility. Ensure constant strengthening of the company while maintaining an excellent level of quality of life and financial return for its employees and shareholders.


Innovation - We always think outside the box.
Valuing People - Employees are our greatest asset.
Continuous improvement - There is nothing we cannot do better.
Transparency - We speak what is needed when it is necessary.
Commitment to results - We don't give up until the goal is achieved.


We believe that safety is paramount, and because of this, Saipher maintains strict Safety management in the installed systems and its projects.


We have the necessary skills to deliver the complete solution to our customers, including equipment acquisition, installation, training, testing, commissioning, warranty, and technical support.


Saipher ATC was the first company to develop and install electronic strip management software for control towers in the world at the São Paulo International Airport in 1998.